Q. How long does it take to custom chip remap a vehicle?

At Manchester Remapping we take ECU remapping very seriously and not just as a simple install of some software like so many other companies will. The file is written by us and installed by us, this is only done after your car has been fully checked over for any undetected faults that may be unknown to you affecting the running of the vehicle.

After it has been re-mapped it is then tested and adjusted until we have gained the maximum benefit that can be attained from the remapping.

Due to this we cannot give the quick and easy guide times of our competitors who are simply installing a file. You should however be aware that anyone offering this service in a matter of 30 mins or an hour will not be providing the same level of service, testing and tuning that we deliver here at Manchester Remapping as standard.

We normally like to have the vehicle for a couple of hours minimum, this should give us enough time to complete full tuning, remapping, testing and rectifying faults.