Q. Do you offer a custom chip remapping mobile service?

We do now offer a mobile service, as in the previous answer, the remapping of the vehicle is simply one part of the service, testing and tuning that we deliver as part of our remapping service. We need access to our specialist diagnostic equipment and the internet if need be to ensure that the remap we provide is truly getting the most from your vehicle.

Therefore offering a mobile service for remapping should be as simple as adding a new file into the ECU overwriting the old version, after fully testing and driving the vehicle to make sure it suits both the vehicle and the requirements of the driver, then and only then will be happy with the tune, this is something we feel strongly about as so many, so called mobile re-mappers simply flash the ECU with generic files bought off the internet and flee, be aware that these companies offering this mobile remapping service are not even doing half the job.